Project and Life Update

Happy summer to you all. This is not a formal genealogy post, but I thought I would update everybody on the status of my project, “The History of Martha,” and why it is taking longer than anticipated to finish the first draft. The book, which I thought I could finish this year, might still see a “first edition” finished by the end of the year or early next year. It has been fun to working on the various sections and sharing some of them with you on the blog. I am very excited whenever people find the blog and reach out to me. I appreciate the messages and apologize for delayed responses.

My daughter, Laura, was born May 10, 2022. She has given me more reason to record family research and stories. We also moved to our new home in New Hampshire two weeks ago. We have been adjusting to being a family of three in a new place (and I just finished the long process of acquiring a green card), so my projects have been put on hold! However, I now have the room and space to set up my books and scanner to work on them properly, so expect more updates eventually.

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