The following resources were very helpful in my research. I have organized resources into broad categories to help people find resources specific to their geographic interests, but many resources span more than one geographic location.

Many of the books below are also a part of my personal library. Visit the Library page if you need help finding out of a resource will be helpful to you.




Volhynia, Russia

  • Gess, Victor. Portrait of a Homesteader: An Ancestral Journey Through Poland, Volhynia and Canada. Layette, CA: Missouri River Press, 2017.
  • Kautz, Gerhard W. Volhynia to Canada: The Friedrich Kautz Family History. Greely, ON: Gerhard W. Kautz, 2011.
  • Nickelburg, Irene. Remembering Volhynia: A Memoir About Russian Germans. CreateSpace, 2014.
  • Payne, Sandy Schilling. Germans from Russia Settlement Locations: Google Maps of Ancestral German Colonies (1700-1939), 2020,
  • Schreiber, Steven H. “Recruitment of the Colonists – 1766,” Norka, 28 Jul 2016 [last updated],

Manitoba, Canada

  • Grenke, Arthur. German Canadians: Community Formation, Transformation and Contribution to Canadian Life. Bloomington, IN: Trafford Publishing, 2017.
  • Library and Archives Canada. “Censuses,” Library and Archives Canada,
  • Manitoba Historical Society,
  • Marquette and District Historical Guild. Footsteps Through the Years: Ossowa, Reaburn, Marquette, Meadow Lea, Poplar Heights. Marquette, MB: Marquette and District Historical Guild, 1977

Ontario, Canada

  • Wallace, C.M., and Ashley Thomson [editors]. Sudbury: Rail Town to Regional Capital. Toronto: Dundurn Press, 1993.