Pausing Research and a Call for Names and Photos

Martha (Kirsch) Kelm and children, Edward, Robert, Daniel, and Hilda Kelm; date unknown

While I will probably always be poking and prodding at what family history research I have, I must hit pause on the more time consuming research. I am working on a rough draft for my Kirsch family history book and find I can’t focus on this main project because I get too caught up in trying to find more information (the beauty of family history is that it is forever unraveling). I have made a very difficult decision to stop trying to go beyond the eighteenth century for now, as well as give up on names and dates I have tried again and again to find (again, for now). Maybe my research skills will one day improve enough that I can more efficiently look and actually find new information. Maybe the information I am looking for has yet to become available.

I am, however, a completionist and am trying my best to polish what I have recorded. Right now I am trying to gather what information I can about living relatives–descendants of the Kirsch family as listed here. I am specifically looking for lists of descendants of my great-grandparents, Julius Kelm and Martha Kirsch: William Kelm (son of Julius and first wife, Serafina Albert/Herman), Edward Kelm, Hannah Kelm, Robert Kelm (my grandfather–I have this genealogy recorded), Hilda Kelm, Daniel Kelm. I think I have recorded most information, but would appreciate the opportunity to corroborate or add missing people and dates!

Finally, a long shot: I am looking for photos of my great-grandmother, Martha Kirsch, and her family. I have a few of Martha as an older woman, but none from her younger years. Please email me at sarika.rainey[remove] if you are willing to contribute anything to my personal project–genealogies, photos, even family stories! I am also happy to share what I know or can find. Thank you.