Hansch Family

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas and I wish everybody a Happy New Year. I am still in the process of moving, but am slowly returning to genealogy research (what better hobby to indulge in on cozy winter days). I got married in September (civil wedding in September and church wedding in October, so which one goes in the family tree?) and we are waiting for a new family tree member, due next spring. In the meantime, I have been focusing on central Poland and ancestors who settled there in the early nineteenth century (see previous post).

Hansch Family

Julianna Wilhemina Hansch was my great-great-great-grandmother. She was born in the colony of Konradow, Lodzkie, Poland. Her parents were Andrzej Hansch and Anna Fryderyka Wolf. Below is a very brief list of the generations from the earliest known Hansch ancestor to me for reference.

  1. Andrzej Hansch and Anna Fryrderyka Wolf
  2. Julianna Wilhemina Hansch m. Jerzy Fryderyk Wurfel
  3. Karolina Wurfel m. Samuel Kirsch
  4. Martha Kirsch m. Julius Kelm
  5. Robert Kelm m. Lyla Krause
  6. My parents
  7. Me

The origin of the Hansch family is currently unknown. Andrzej and Anna Fryderyka settled in Konradow before 1812, around the same time as other families migrating to other German colonies in the vicinity. Julianna gave birth to twins, Jan and Krystyna Wurfel, on June 21, 1847. The twins died shortly after birth. Julianna died a few days later, on June 25, 1847, in Florentynow, Lodzkie, Poland. She left seven living children.

Descendants of Andrzej Hansch and Fryderyka Wolf

  1. Julianna Wilhelmina Hansch (b. in Konradow, Lodzkie, Poland; d. 25 Jun 1847 in Florentynow, Lodzkie, Poland) m. Jerzy Fryderyk Wurfel (b. 29 Mar 1810 in Konradow, Lodzkie, Poland; d. 10 Apr 1862 in Florentynow, Lodzkie, Poland)
  2. Anna Fryderyka Hansch m. (1832 in Radomsko, Lodzkie, Poland) Karol Kliche (d. 21 Apr 1847 in Witow, Lodzkie, Poland) m. (23 Nov 1852 in Dziepolc, Lodzkie, Poland) Jan Kalicki (b. 1803)
  3. Augustyna Hansch (b. 1838 in Konradow, Lodzkie, Poland)
  4. Ludwik Hansch (d. 05 Nov 1887 in Antoniow, Lodzkie, Poland)

Note: The above is likely not a complete list of the children of Andrzej Hansch and Fryderyka Wolf

“[Julianna Wilhelmina Wurfell death record, 1847]” from “Akta stanu cywilnego Filiału Ewangelicko-Augsburskiego w Dziepółci (Dziepolc Civil Records, Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession),” Archiwum Państwowe w Łodzi (Lodz State Archives), digitized by Polskie Towarzystwo Genealogiczne (Polish Genealogical Society), accessed 30 Dec 2021 through Geneteka. Translated by Dorothy Woloszczuk.

In Radomsko, on June 26, 1847, Jan Fryderyk Wurfell, 37, and Jan Lemchen, 43, both residing in Florentynow Colony, presented themselves and declared that Julianna Wilhelmina Wurfell, maiden name Hansch, died in Florentynow yesterday at four in the morning. She was born in Konradow Colony, daughter of Andrzej and Fryderyka Hansch, and left behind the above mentioned husband, Jan Frederyk Wurfell, and children: Ludwik, Rozyna, Dorota, Andrzej, Karolina, Wilhelmina, and Samuel.

Note: The death record for Julianna Hansch records husband as Jan Fryderyk. Her husband is more frequently recorded as Jerzy (Wojciech), the Polish George equivalent or, in German, Georg. The name Wojciech is sometimes translated as Albert. Jerzy’s birth record names him “Jerzy Frydrych.”[1]

[1] “[Jerzy Frydrych Wurfell birth record, 1810]” from “Poland, Częstochowa Roman Catholic Church Books, 1226-1950,” Archiwum Archidiecezji Częstochowskiej (Czestochowa Archdiocese Archives, Czestochowa), digitized by FamilySearch, accessed 30 Jul 2021 through FamilySearch.

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