Anna Krystyna Jess Death Record, 1831

Happy Friday, everybody. Thank you to Hendrik Wendland for sharing the following death record in his Ancestry family tree and to Teresa Eckford and Valerie Baginski for help extracting names and confirming information.

My great-great-great-great-grandmother (whew), Anna Krystyna Jess, was married to Andreas (Andrzej) Kelm. Variants of her surname that I have found include Jusciowna, Jeskowna, Jesse, Jeske, Gesse, and Guz. I am trying to link Andreas and Anna Krystyna, who lived in Borki, Lodzkie, Poland, in the eighteenth century, to recorded Kelms who lived in Netzbruch (Przynotecko), Brandenburg, Prussia, in the seventeenth century. I asked for help with this record with the hope there was information about her family and origins as I believe Andreas and Anna Krystyna were the first generation to live in Borki, Leczyca, Poland, area. Fun fact: “Borki” seems to mean “residence or farm,” according to Meyers Gazetteer.

[“Anna Krystyna Kielm death record, 1831”] from Archiwum Państwowe w Poznaniu (Poznan State Archives), accessed through on 22 Oct 2020.

Date of record: Dabie, 19 March 1831, 10 a.m.
Witnesses: Krysztof Kielm, farmer, age 26, son of the deceased, and Michał Kriger, farmer, age 41, both residing in the colony of Borek [Borki]
Deceased: there on the 18th of March this year at 3 a.m. Anna Krystyna Kielm nee Jess died, age 56

Although there doesn’t appear to be new information, I am always excited to confirm information by looking at the records themselves–and thankful that archives and volunteers index, translate, digitize, and make these records accessible.

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